the Ledson's Family CSA Farm - Camptonville, California

the Ledson's Family CSA Farm Heirloom Tomatoes
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the Ledson's Family CSA Farm Tomatoes
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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

What is a CSA?     Growing in popularity, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a great way for consumers to buy fresh, local, seasonal produce directly from the farmer. Consumers buy a “share” of the farm’s production which helps fund the farm’s operations for the season. Shares are returned to the consumer in the form of ultra-fresh weekly seasonal produce throughout the entire growing season.

Consumer’s Advantages of CSA

          Enjoy the freshest food with more flavor & healthy vitamin benefits

          Exposure to new vegetables & new recipes

          Learn more about the farming process

          Meet the people that grow your food

          Teach your children the art of growing food

          Eat organic

          Share with your neighbors and family

          Reduce your Carbon footprint

          Improve your local economy

Farmer’s Advantages of CSA

          Receive payments for farm operations

          Opportunity to build & expand community

          Meeting people that eat from the farm

          Market food early in the season before long work days in the field begin

          Shared risk

          Increase sustainable practices

          Reduced Carbon footprint

CSA members receive only what the farm has successfully grown and harvested, sharing some of the growing risk with the farmer. If a particular crop does not produce well, the CSA member will share the burden by receiving fewer or lower quantities of that crop during the distribution process. CSA members will also enjoy increased bounties when crop production exceed expectations. By staying connected via newsletters, pick-up or delivery dates, and farm blogs, CSA members will have an increased knowledge of the way the farm works and the food they provide to their families.